Welcome to my blog!

I am Frank Giacalone, Owner, and CEO of Navasota Energy Services LLC. I will be posting my thoughts and comments on industry-related topics important to me and my company. Topics such as integrated energy, wind, solar, nuclear and breaking down its barriers to dive deeper into the world of power and how it is evolving daily. Through my new blog series, we will be discussing innovation, renewables, new solutions, consumer standpoints, the technology behind it all and more. It is my hope that we can come together as one Lone Star State to change old processes to increase efficiencies with new ones and utilize the supplies, resources, and tools already set in place to ensure all energy-related operations run smoothly. Whether you drive an electric car, use a phone, turn on your lights, plug in your laptop in Texas, chances are, you are using some sort of energy from a generator and that generator could very well possibly be from right here, at Navasota Energy Services LLC.

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